Victoria Martial Arts Boxing Academy (VMABA) is suitable for everyone no matter what your skill or fitness level. We happily welcome everyone from beginner boxers looking for the basics and a great workout, to the competitive boxers looking to sharpen their skills through proper training and practice. Our qualified boxing coaches will take you through all the footwork drills, punch combinations and single shots plus their counter defensives. Through our training you will get lean and fit. Skill, technique, strength and great cardio is the unique combination of benefits that VMABA classes provide. As you progress through our boxing curriculum you will become stronger in FOCUS, more goal orientated and more confident! Not only with the way you LOOK & FEEL but also with your ability to handle yourself in a dangerous situation. Imagine having a new-found sense of confidence that you could defend yourself if needed. You will always leave class feeling inspired, invigorated and educated. You will feel alive. Our qualified instructors are motivating, patient and informative. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a world champion boxer or looking for a new hobby that will complement your fitness goals, VMABA will take you there. Our boxing development Program produces Champions, it’s as simple as that. Sparring and competitive opportunities are available.

Our boxing program will help you increase your athletic prowess and improve your strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, endurance, nerve, and power, just to name a few attributes. After a good warm up you can expect a variety of challenging exercises focusing on punching and footwork technique, blocking and counter defenses, focus mitt Pad drills, beginner and advanced boxing combos, (teaching you realistic striking power and movement) back and forth partner drills (to improve your balance, coordination and ability to gauge distance) heavy bag drills (for fine tuning our punches and power) A mix of defence technique, jump rope, shadow boxing and a ton of exciting, engaging exercises. Instructors are close for any assistance you may require. If you’re hoping to get in great shape and improve your health, you just might want to sign up for a membership at VMABA.

There are basically two types of boxing training: Training that focus on helping “everyday athletes” get in better shape, and training that focuses on teaching boxers to compete in the ring. We offer both types of training. The difference between the two forms of training is that athletes who want to learn how to compete in boxing must learn to land and take punches with human opponents. Gyms that teach boxers to compete typically have boxing rings in their facilities and offer opportunities for boxers to spar one another. If you have no interest in taking a punch, you can stay out of the ring and still get all the benefits of training. Boxing as a fitness activity enables the average person to hone those same athletic skills, all without having to take a punch. The basic skills are the same – You learn the straight punches, the upper cuts and the hooks. You work on Head movement, foot work techniques, angles, speed, power and agility just the same as our competitive boxers.

Some boxing history: Throughout the 17th to 19th centuries, boxing bouts were motivated by money, as the fighters competed for prize money, promoters controlled the gate, and spectators bet on the result. The modern Olympic movement revived interest in amateur sports, and amateur boxing became an Olympic sport in 1908. In their current form, Olympic and other amateur bouts are typically limited to three or four rounds, scoring is computed by points based on the number of clean blows landed, regardless of impact, and fighters wear protective headgear, reducing the number of injuries.

If you have any questions please contact us using the information at the bottom of the page.

What you will need for Boxing Class

  • Hand-wraps
  • Boxing gloves (16oz if sparring)
  • Water bottle
  • training shorts

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