Please arrive to class 5-10 minutes early to allow time to prep for class (wrapping your hands and getting your gear ready). Not sure how to wrap your hands? Watch an instructional video here

Bring your own gloves, handwraps and shinguards. Additional gear like mouth guards are required for sparring. Belly pads, Thai pads and focus mitts are provided by the gym.

New members are required to complete 3 private lessons as part of the Introductory Membership before joining other classes.

We pride ourselves in creating a safe, fun, and informative environment and hold our members to this as well. When we are drilling with our partners we can come in close contact so personal hygiene is a must.

Please do not wear outdoor footwear on matted floor. People practice kickboxing barefoot and boxing with indoor boxing shoes. Do not leave gear or personal items on the training floor as this can create tripping hazards.

Enjoy yourselves in classes! We all love kickboxing and boxing here at Victoria Martial Arts and are happy you have come to learn these amazing Martial Arts.