Elodie Mensah

After moving to Canada from France in 2013 Elodie started at VMA as a way to reconnect with the martial arts community and she has been a dedicated member of the team ever since.

She has gone on to compete under the VMA banner winning multiple kickboxing tournaments and remains undefeated. She trained with the best and now she’s part of the best. Putting in hard work every day, facing off with the big boys and showing the true meaning of girl power.

As a coach she hopes to help each individual optimize their performance. Her coaching style is about patience, progress and positivity. She’ll make sure your form is on point – whether it’s your kickboxing stance or your dance moves. She’s also a great sparring partner for newbies that might be intimidated. She enjoys seeing the growth in all the people she coaches and is very proud when they achieve their goals.