Known as the Muaythai professor, Artur is considered a world class Muaythai expert who has coached many famous fighters in Thailand. Artur is well known across the globe for his highly affective coaching abilities and Muay Thai expertise. With students in over 14 countries from many different cultural backgrounds, he has a unique and one-of-a-kind ability to take complete beginners to top skill levels within a very short period of time. His fighters have competed in world-renowned boxing stadiums such as Lumpini, Rajadamnern, and channel 7. These stadiums are the most important institutions of Muay Thai in Thailand. His most recent student fought Saenchai, Manachai and finally Saensiri, after only 18 months of training. For reference, Saenchai is a living legend and the best pound for pound fighter in the world, Manachai is a world champion with over 200 wins and was ranked number 1 in the prestigious Lumpini Stadium, and Saensiri is a MX Muay Thai Xtreme Champion with over 200 fights. Additionally, back when he worked under Sangtiennoi Artur was in charge of the fighter Thanonchai Sor. Sangtiennoi who won the “Fighter of the Year” award in 2015.

In addition to training athletes, Artur consults on the basis of his Muay Thai expertise and life experience. In 2018 he was a sought after consultant for the recovery treatment center “Clarity Thailand”. He continues as an essential part of “EASE Performance Coaching” as a highly effective consultant and advisor.

Now you can learn and practice traditional Muaythai right here in Victoria BC. Everyone who trains with Artur will learn the traditional Muaythai style and concepts step by step.