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Would you like to learn a new skill, raise your fists for the first time, or just stay in shape while learning exceptional self-defense skills? In our co-ed kickboxing program, you will learn how to punch, kick, and knee with challenging drills, pad work and combinations. Our coaches will take you through all the footwork drills, punch combinations, and single shots plus all their counter defensives step by step. In our kickboxing classes, instructors emphasize teaching the correct technique and movements in order to build a proper kickboxing foundation from the start. We start slowly and lightly then gradually build up the level of speed and power. The sequence of every strike is broken down at a pace that suits your needs. After a good warm up, you can expect a variety of challenging exercises. In a typical class we work on beginner and advanced kickboxing combos, beginner and advanced muay thai and dutch style striking technique. Blocking and counter defenses. Heavy hitting/explosive Thai Pad drills, teaching you realistic striking power and movement. Partner drills to improve your balance, coordination and gauge distance. Heavy bags and banana bags are used as a phantom opponent for fine tuning our punches, kicks and knee strikes. In a typical class you will see a mix of striking technique, blocking technique, jump rope, shadow boxing, bagwork, padwork, kickboxing combos and partner drills. Instructors are close for any assistance you may require. As you advance in this program you will develop outstanding Dutch style/Muay Thai kickboxing technique, increase your strength and get you in phenomenal physical shape. If you want to train like an athlete but are not interested in competing, this class is perfectly suitable for you as well.

Time is allotted for sparring (OPTIONAL) after class for those wishing to compete or challenge themselves. You must have your own mouth guard, hand wraps, cup, headgear, shin protection and 16 oz. boxing gloves to participate in sparring.

While many students join our program for fun and fitness, there are others who want to compete. For students that want the extra challenge, competitive opportunities are available. If you are interested in competing this program and our trainers offers the key elements for your success. This means getting in the ring or going to tournaments with the team. We prepare athletes for competition in our Fighters Class which is by invitation only.